OCTOBER 21ST & 22ND 2017

Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Professional Life Coach That Uses  Hypnotherapy & Other Techniques? 
Our Free Foundation Training Course Will Show You The Secrets To Your New Career
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Introducing: A Hypnotherapy & Strategic Coaching MasterClass. An Educational Training Seminar That Will Accelerate Your Professional Ability To Become A Renowned Life Coach, Pull In Clients And Make A Difference To People's Lives.


Day 1

You will learn the art of Strategic Intervention and why every human does what they do. Not only will you explore what makes you tick but you will uncover the rules and patterns of everyone in your life and have an understanding how to help them change. I will teach you the secrets of neurology, physiology and how to read someone within minutes of meeting them and for you to be able to create lasting change in them. even by the end of the first day you will have absorbed so much your mind will be positively blown!

Day 2

You will learn to invoke the para-sympathetic nerve and master the art of 'The Voice' and at the same time find your own. You will discover how to hypnotise even the most skeptical person and learn the incredible secret of detaching someone from their physical body in only minutes so they just become a mind. You will master the art of pacing and leading, the power of suggestion and so much more.

I cannot stress highly enough the value of this whole weekend and how much you will learn by investing in yourself. I absolutely love what I do and I am sure you will get a real sense of my passion when you meet me but I really want to get to know you too, so try not to fit in. Let's make this a weekend to remember!

We look forward to meeting you, but hurry once the event is filled we have to close this down!

Your Certificate Will Have Your Name On It!

2 Day MasterClass Venue & Times

Birkbeck University. Malet Street. London. WC1E 7HX.

Day 1  Registration: 9.30am, Training 10am - 5pm.  

Day 2  Training 10am - 5pm. 

Lunch on both days will be one hour with a break mid morning & afternoon. We do not provide lunch but there are many places locally that you can eat or you are welcome to bring your own lunch and stay in the classroom to eat. We plan for both days to be fun, interactive and most of all we want to serve you with some great FREE content and will receive a beautiful certificate on completion of the 2 days. Be prepared to be enlightened, excited and at times, I believe, blown away with what I like to call 'edutainment'.

John Mill is a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Master Coach, Strategic Interventionist, Public Speaker and the Best Selling International Author of LifeScripts. 

He is also the founder of Evolve College that helps everyday people transform into a successful Elite Life Coach utilising coaching & counselling strategies and the incredible power of hypnotherapy. He has trained with Andy Harrington, Eric Ho, JT Foxx & Tony and Nicki Vee to name just a few.

The good news is whilst John Mill could charge thousands of pounds for this unique training weekend we have made this event COMPLETELY FREE OF ANY CHARGE for an unsecured seat. We will give you an incredible amount of insightful ideas and life coaching skills and techniques you can implement when you wish to help someone. Now because our unsecured seats are COMPLETELY FREE OF ANY CHARGE we anticipate closing out every seat and recommend you reserve your place today, however if our secured seats sell out we may have to offer you a later event. 


Dear Life Coach in the making,
On October 21st & 22nd our totally FREE MasterClass in Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching is about to happen at Birkbeck University, London. Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a Life Coach that uses Hypnotherapy and other techniques? IT STARTS HERE! 

This is not just a taster but a FREE training in itself with certificate provided. We are looking for people that want to change their job/career and have an interest in the profession of LIFE COACHING or HYPNOTHERAPY. 

We want to show you how you can be a success and if you wish to continue working with us after the weekend we offer you a chance to join us on our 5 Month Elite Coach Course. Now this is important, so please read: We will not SELL you, over the weekend. There is no hard sell because we do not 'flog' courses, we create futures and the way we do that is by giving you the opportunity to invest with us in your future but just like any investment, you want a return for your money and that is exactly what we show you over the weekend, what we can give you! And the reason you can do this whole event for free and walk away and buy nothing is because we don't want money to become a barrier between us working together. We want you to feel relaxed when you make the choice.

Our whole team are very approachable, warm and fun. We pride ourselves on having good rapport with you so that you feel welcomed and valued. I know you look at this stuff on Facebook and ponder whether to go and maybe it feels like a huge move to register but I really will make sure that it's a very rewarding and memorable experience for you. So why not stand out for a change instead of just fitting in? Grab your seat by clicking below. 

You are about to learn how you can coach, hypnotise, impact, inspire and strategically influence clients and signicantly increase your current income. No matter what industry or business you are in, I am going to show you what 'magic' you have within you and you’ll discover how to become a sought after leader in the thriving coaching/therapy industry. You will learn how you can make a difference by helping people overcome all sorts of personal problems or challenges. I'm going to teach you how to hypnotise someone, how to use conversational suggestions simply by changing your voice, touching their arm and using visual 'anchors' so that everything you say can stick in that person's mind. I will show you how to use the art of Strategic Intervention to interrupt limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours. But that's not all, there is so much more, so please sign up now for one of the best FREE events of 2017.

Your free ticket awaits you. If you have ever been interested in becoming a therapist, counsellor or life coach then this taster really is for you. We have planned a very friendly, informative and exciting weekend and you will not be disappointed with the incredible free content. Places are filling so please hurry.

So here you are today reading this and for whatever reason this grabbed your attention or seemingly reached out to you in some way? Do you think that's coincidence? Or maybe you could simply become curious as to why you're being attracted to this?
You see I believe that over the course of our lives we are often very close to finding our calling and yet we pass it by often. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself to us and for whatever reason we give ourselves, be it lack of money, time or some other resource we turn it down. Yet that one thing could have completely changed our direction. I wonder if people have ever told you that you're a good listener? Or that maybe you give great advice? Maybe someone out there describes you as their 'rock'? And why do you think that is? Because we all have a gift that we seem to ooze from every pore in our skin, like how we are good at connecting with others or how we just make people happy but we never use that gift, that talent, to help others or ourselves. What is your gift? If you have ever experienced pain in your life you can use those experiences to help others. Then that pain you experienced would have been there for a reason, to serve others.  2017 could be just like any other year but what if 2017 was the year when you discovered your true calling? You deserve it right?  

See you there my friend. 


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